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In a world without guarantees,

We're a guarantee, we guarantee it!

Meet your quarantine news team. Neil Casey, Director of Production. Adrián Morales Ramos, Weather. Julian Gerami, Dog Report. Mike Dean, Handsome. Directed by multi-award winning R. William Quinn and hosted by TV's Darren Passarello. They may not be the news team you want, nor are they even slightly qualified, but they are the one you're getting.

Join us for exactly  one minute each Tuesday as we tell it to you according to us, because hey man...this is your Minute of Mayhem.


team of Mayhem

TV's Darren Passarello



Self described as "irresistibly charming", Passarello has held many titles, his favorite..."special".​ "Touched in the head" as one reviewer has described him, Passarello cares about five things, the news, coffee, his dog, Kylie Jenner and David Bowie being the greatest of all time...not always in that order. With 15+ years under his capris, in the entertainment industry, this go getter has the moxie to give you the information he feels you need. His motto, "In a world without guarantees, we're a guarantee, we guarantee it!"


Neil Casey

Director of Production




Julian Gerami

Dog Report


Loves the great outdoors, long naps, belly rubs and treats. An old soul who’s loyal and easy to please, but doesn’t mind getting bad to the bone. Has the ability to make you weep with tears and bark with laughter. But enough about my dogs, I’m Julian. If you like me, great . If not, well....I’m Julian. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 8.47.48 PM.png

R. William Quinn

Producer / Director


A "Bull Moose" in his own right, your pal Rob is an accomplished award winning producer, writer, and director, who has created content for internationally known brands; who lives by Theodore Roosevelt's simple truth "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are". For some ungodly reason, is currently stuck babysitting an inept man child of a host, who he describes as "skipping through life laces untied."


Adrián Morales Ramos



En un lugar de Andalucía, de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme, no ha mucho tiempo que crecía y vivía sin hacer mucho caso a la policía un hidalgo editor pero no de los de render en macpro, sino de imac antiguo, vehículo flaco y de panza rechonchón. Jugaba al Commodore sin cansarse demasiado porque por las noches se leía con monóculo graduado hasta la parte de atrás del bote de lejía.
Cierto día, editando para la tele con amigos, unos tipos del barrio le metieron en un lío de becas y su madre le decía una y otra vez:

-¡Ni de coña, no hay tutía, que no te vas a "L" "A"!-
Editando y editando, tras la escuela de cine, se montó un par de pelis, que no verás en cines,
allanando poco a poco su carrera para alcanzar su gran meta
y por fin, sin comerlo ni beberlo, acabar trabajando en "Minute of Mayhem"


Mike Dean



Mike Dean was once describing himself as “hands on filmmaker”.  He was then quoted as calling himself “Handsome filmmaker” which was a funny coincidence, since he is.

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