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Super-Bud Blazes a Trail!

Angels of Mayhem's own Mike Dean is many things, friend, actor, writer, film maker, dashingly handsome...but now he can add comic co-creator to his well established repertoire.

Meet Super-Bud, A Comic about Heroes & Villains and an experimental strain of marijuana nicknamed "SuperBud".

The story thus far...Danny is the last person you'd want to get super powers. A recently heart-broken, twenty year old, jobless, college drop out, Danny is often seen as lazy and unmotivated. The truth is he's just bored.

Danny's life is jolted out of boredom when he develops the superhuman ability to fly after smoking an experimental strain of medical marijuana appropriately given the nickname "Super-Bud". As the "super" strain spreads throughout the town, other people develop similar powers.

Will a small town like Emerald Oaks be able to survive what comes next?  Find out in this 'X-MEN' meets 'HALF BAKED' adventure.

We at Angels of Mayhem highly suggest checking this comic out, not just because Mike Dean is one of our own, but because it really is a fantastic read and a trial blazer in comics and issues it addresses.

The Super-Bud team is offering issue one for FREE on the website, head over to and check it out, in a world without guarantees, it's a guarantee, we guarantee it!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood Angel of Mayhem

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